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March 19, 2012 / prolificparadox

The King of Manipulation

The King of Manipulation.

March 19, 2012 / prolificparadox

The King of Manipulation

Always playing games

Chess is his favorite

He calculates his moves

with cunning and precision


Never mediocre

He always plays to win

No conscience or soul

Skipping and whistling as he leaves

October 22, 2011 / prolificparadox


Another day,

another fantasy

At what point

does fantasy become reality?


Trapped in his mind

at times wavering

never opting

for full disclosure


Choices that he has made

responsibilities that he refuses to acknowledge

always on the run

sucking others into his abyss


I only saw the good

a treacherous flaw

I no longer wear blinders

The pain is immeasurable

May 25, 2011 / prolificparadox

Mediocre Review

The wait was exhilarating

A prelude to prolong

Anticipation that stirred the senses

in an unfamiliar way

My goosebumps were prevalent

there was tingling in my toes

you bent to kiss my eager lips

the disappointment engulfed me

May 23, 2011 / prolificparadox

The Predator

The vulgar image forms in his mind

he feeds it and waters it

fantasy slowly turns into reality

He is now on the hunt for his prey

December 14, 2010 / prolificparadox

Vague Interpretation

It was your vague interpretation
that was so unsettling
I allowed my words to flow out
for you to take in

I never expected
polite indifference
were my words of no interest
or are you incapable of grasping their meaning

I tend to give the people I care about
way too much credit
I build them up in my mind
just to see them come crashing down

I thought that you got me
I thought that you were deep enough
to understand my words
my meanings and the things that I feel

I overshot again
another disappointment
next time
I expect nothing

December 13, 2010 / prolificparadox

The Observer

He wanders through life
observing others
drinking them all in
while never actually feeling them

Reticent with restraints
he feels compelled to look
yet does not venture far enough
for any real closeness

He protects himself from emotions
that he does not want to feel
he only wants to watch them
on the faces of strangers

December 11, 2010 / prolificparadox


Have I been banished,
erased from your mind?
Your silence is louder
than any words you could convey

You have cast me aside
without rhyme or reason
I am too proud
to question your decision

December 10, 2010 / prolificparadox

Tear Down My Walls

I stand before you
exposing my heart
and my soul
with abandon

Bear in mind
this is a first for me
I have practiced pretense
for far too long

Ask me the questions
that I have never answered
be quick
for I am wavering

Please be strong
the answers you have awaited
may shift the sands
of our friendship

The answers are yes
yes I hear you
yes I feel you
yes I so very much want you

Are you still here?

December 9, 2010 / prolificparadox

Wordy Men

Wordy men
are as exhausting
as men
with few words

You long to
stifle one
and draw out
the other

Too many words
said too often
really do fall
on deaf ears